Rogue Linux server acting as a time server!?

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Subject: Rogue Linux server acting as a time server!?
Posted by:  Idris (Idr…
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2007


My DC's event viewer was filled with some odd w32time events today. Upon
reading them it says it could receive valid time from a Linux server.

Now - that Linux server was joined to the domain the day before. It was
joined directly to that DC which is why i guess only that DC reckons it
should gets its time from the Linux server.

For reference the DC in question is one of 3. It does not hold any of the
roles other than authenticated for that Linux Server. One of the other DCs
is the one that holds the forest roles where every DC should get its time

My questions are...
How do i set my DC to start receiving time again properly from my main DC
that holds all the forest foles?
How did it happen in the first place!?
Anything more i should be worried about?

Any help appreciated.