Deny install software by Helpdeskadmin@server.local

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Subject: Deny install software by Helpdeskadmin@server.local
Posted by:  Matt Carter (MLCarter19…
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2007

We have a helpdesk software that likes to install itself on all the systems
in the company.  For the servers, we do NOT want this.  I spoke with tech
support and they said to create a user, as I have, that has domain
permissions to install on the local user systems, and to great a GPO in AD on
Server 2003 that has HelpdeskAdministrat… account and then set
that account to DENIED to the member servers and the domain controllers.
I am not sure where in the GPO to go to edit and do I make it enabled, etc.

I want to have Group Policy see that the user helpdeskadministrator is
trying to install and to have the group policy DENY that installation of the

Thank you for your help.