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Subject: Sites
Posted by:  romulus (romul…
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2007

Hi everyone:

I have a few questions about sites.  My network consist of multiple vlans.
There are several DCs in the default-first-site.  All replications occurs
with no problem without having to specify subnets.

I understand that by creating sites and submets, it can save on bandwidth,
especially when sites are actually connected by slow wans.  In addition
workstations which are on the same subnet/vlan will authenticate with the DC
on the same subnet.

Let's say my setup is as follows:

All sites are in the Defualtsitelink

DC1 in NY
DC2 in NY

Site 2 subnet,
DC3 in NJ
DC4 in NJ

Site 3,
DC5 in MA
DC6 in MA

VLAN in Network,,,,,,

1- What would happen if I created several new sites and assigned subnets to
the new sites, but did not specify any subnet for the default site?

a- What would happen to the DC's in the other subnets?

b- What would happen to workstations in other subnets?

2- What if I specify one of the other subnets to the default-first-site,
let's say, does this mean that workstations that are on undefined
subnets (not specified in any sites) will have no where to authenticate?