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Subject: Domain controllers
Posted by:  Smokey Grindel (
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007

We just added a second dedicated domain controller to our server mix... we
had two in the past but one of them died... none of them in the past where
dedicated, but the new box is just a domain controller... We'd like this to
be the one that most of the people hit... but even 3 weeks after putting it
in, everyone seems to still authenticated on the old DC which runs more then
just DC... Is there any way to give preference to the new dedicated DC? I
can't find a single system that is authenticated against the new DC right
now... Our new DC... call it DCNew and old call it DCOld have the following
settings in the directory...

Both DC's are in the same domain and physically on the same switch also

DCNew - Global Catalog, Replicated from DCOld, Replicates to DCOld,
Operations master for RID, Operations Master for PDC, Operations Master for

DCOld - Previous RID/PDC/Operations master... Global Catalog

any suggestions? or ideas why everyone authenticates always against DCOld?