Moving ADAM instances between sites

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Subject: Moving ADAM instances between sites
Posted by:  compurhyth… (compurhyth…
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007

I'm trying to limit replication to a few instances in my ADAM
configuration set.  This is my situation:

1. All my instances were in Default-Site-First-Name to begin with
2. For the instances I was targeting, I created a new site as follows:
    a. Created the new "Site" object under "Sites" using ADAM ADSI
    b. Created a "Servers" container under the site
    c. Created an "NTDS Site Settings" container under the site
    d. Shut off replication under "NTDS Site Settings" using the
"Schedule" menu item
3. Used the "Move" menu item to move the target instances from Default-
Site-First-Name to my new site (under the Servers container)
4.  There are no site links that include my new site (My expectation
was that this meant that there would be no replication traffic to or
from the site after the settings took)

But even after 30 minutes or so, there was still outbound TCP 135
traffic (RPC endpoint detector) attributed to ADAM from the machines
where the instances reside.

I guess I have a few questions:

1. Did I go about this the right way?  I tried to stick religiously to
the ADAM Administrators Guide
2. Are there any steps that I missed? or
3. Would I potentially still see RPC traffic from the affected
instances, regardless of site topology?