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Subject: ADFS Issue...
Posted by:  Jason Richmeier (JasonRichmei…
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007

Hopefully I am posting this message to the right newsgroup.

When I attempt to login to an ADFS aware application (via the
clientlogon.aspx page), I get the following (strange) message at the bottom
of the page:

accountStoreType: LdapDirectoryType accountStoreTypeDisplay: AD/AM Directory
accountStoreUri: urn:fed:phsystems accountStoreDisplayName: PHS Website
userValidationData: errorCode: 0 additionalValidationInfo:

I also notice some errors in the ADFS log files that indicate that the user
I am attempting to logon as cannot be found.

I am using an ADAM account store and think this might be the problem.  When
I switch the account store to Active Directory, I am able to logon
successfully.  I found an article that described how to prepare an ADAM
instance for use with ADFS.  I followed the steps outlined in this article
but the error is still present.

Can anyone else suggest some additional things to try?

Thank you,

Jason Richmeier