Computer Account Just Dissapears

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Subject: Computer Account Just Dissapears
Posted by:  Kentucky (Kentuc…
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007


We are running active directory in Windows Server 2003 functional level and
we have xp clients. One of our users has a laptop which has been joined to
the domain, but when he tried to log on today he received the message that
the domain was unavailable. When checking the computer account in the ADUC
console it appears to have just dissapeared. This has happened in the past
and we had to rejoin the computer to the domain. Doing this is cumbersome as
the user is based in a different regional office and has to courier the
laptop up to us every time. We can't allow him to log on using the local
admin account and join to the domain as this is banned by company policy.

What is causing this to happen and is there a way to recreate the computer
account and force it to establish a trust without having to rejoin to the
domain? I don't think that the account has been deleted by accident as this
has happened twice to the same user.