Upgrading DC to new HW?

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Subject: Upgrading DC to new HW?
Posted by:  jvs625 (jvs6…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007

I have two Windows 2003 Server R2 DC as GCs and shared FSMO with WINS,
DNS,DHCP IAS, and Time Source all running on DELL 2650
I am upgrading the HW to the new 2950 Quad INTEL Core Servers. I was
considering 64 bit but we only have 500 users.
What is the best way in doing this?
A. Make two more DCs and migrate the old server roles to the new DCs? Now I
will have different names and IP address and possibly disrupt any rouge
applications pointing to the new IP address.
B. Do a full backup and restore to the new hardware. This would work however
I have dissimilar hardware and I am a Legato Networker shop which currently
does not support bare metal restore on dissimilar HW. Is there another way?