Logon script not running

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Subject: Logon script not running
Posted by:  Mike Brester (MikeBrest…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007

I am having some random issues where my logon script will not run when I log
on to a PC. I can not duplicate it every time. I will reboot my PC and the
script will run then the next day after rebooting my pc the script will not
run. After a couple reboots the script will run again. When the script file
has not run I have checked and I do have netowkr connectivity and can ping my
DC. I can even go run the batch file manually and my network drives will then
map. I have gone through and created a special Group policy to see if adding
in "always wait for network would work" and it did not. I have completely
uninstalled my virus software to see if that was suddenly causing issue and I
still have the same problem. Any one have any ideas? Looking at my DC I do
not see any errors coming back from it and not everyone is having this issue.
Just a few people at random. All of my PC's are running XP sp2 with all the
latest hot fixes.