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Subject: Printer Directory
Posted by:  Zachary Dundore (dundor…
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007

We are running a Windows 2003 server domain controller that also acts as our
printer server.  Within the past week here our printer directory no longer
displayed printers that were being shared on this server.  I went on to the
server and found that the list printer in directory box was still checked
though the printers wouldn't display.  Print functions to the server were
fine.  The only solution to our problem so far is to open each individual
printer property box, uncheck the list in directory option, wait for a
couple minutes for that change to take effect and then recheck it.  After
this the printer reappears.  We have too many printers on this server to
individually change this for each printer, plus I would like to get to the
root of this problem.  Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,