Move Enterprise CA server

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Subject: Move Enterprise CA server
Posted by:  skip (sk…
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007

Hello all

I am following kb article 298138 in order to move CA to another DC. I have
tested this out succesfully in a lab environment when the source server and
target server are both Windows 2003 sp1. in production the CA enterprise
server is an upgrade from NT so the registry for the CA settings points to.
Abviously the target DC location for these settings is
C:\windows\system32\certlog. In KB 298138 it says that i must modify the path
in the registry from the source servers export so that it matches default
location where certificate services is installed on the target server. I
guess all I need to do then is modify "C:\\WINNT\\system32\\CertLog" to
"c:\windows\system32\certlog" can anyone confirm this?