Mapped Drives being disconnected

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Subject: Mapped Drives being disconnected
Posted by:  Rick (Ri…
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007

I am having an issue with mapped drives being disconnected on my XP Pro pc's
in AD. This only started a couple of month's ago. Everything worked fine
under W2K but since we moved alot of workstations to XP, this issue has
reared it's ugly head.

I have tried everything from tweaking GP, changing out pc's, removing both
the users & computers from AD, installing slower NIC's, etc. Some of these
changes appear to work for a week or 2 but then the dismount/disconnect

I have had my network cabling tested and sometimes re-installed & certified

The weird thing is that it is happening to basically the same users each
time, including myself despite being a domain admin

The problem disappears if you log in as the local admin account and then
login as the user back into AD.

I have my GP set to wait to connect to the network before executing the
login scripts and also tried disabling the cached login info, etc.

My mapping is done thru a VB login script. I put in wait times to ensure
that mappings are done. This worked great for 2 weeks until today.

1) the drives appear not to map and all you get is their home folder and no
other mapped drives
2) Other times the dismounts appears to happen during use. Users can be
working for hours and all of a sudden the drive disappears
3) sometimes you get the "users" folder & not their home folder

I searched the web and alot of people seem to be having similar problems. I
have tried many some of the "solutions" but nothing appears to work

Getting really frustrated and tired of a couple users getting in one's face
about it.

Any help would be appreciated