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Subject: Re: ADMT Suggestions
Posted by:  Cary Shultz (
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2007

ADMT v3 would be a pretty safe way to do things...for the user account
objects and computer account objects.  I believe that there is a File
Migration tool from MS (install on the "destination" File ware
that the "new" share will be called "old share name_name of
computer", if the share is called 'software' and the destination
server is named 'FILE02' then the new share would be called
"software_file02") as well as a printer migration tool...all of which can be
found on the MS web not have the links handy at the moment.


"Corey Arndt" <corey.arn…> wrote in message
> We are migrating all users/computers/groups/printers/files (everything)
> from one domain to another domain in another forest.
> Do you have any suggestions for using the ADMT tool or is the suggestion
> to use another utility like from NetIQ?  We will be migrating 100 users
> and 100 computers.
> Thank you



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