Plan / Implement BDC for AD

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Subject: Plan / Implement BDC for AD
Posted by:  abckid (abck…
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007


We are planning a AD installation for our Company. I need to clear few
things regarding the BDC.

There are around 80 users at our Head Office. There will be different sites
at our city and some sites will be in different countries. Users at different
sites vary like 30 to 100 users.

There shall be only one forest and domain. We may have different domain for
few sites abroad under same forest.

All will be DC with GC enabled and integrated DNS.

To start i shall install the first DC which will hold all the primary roles.
As for BDC for same, i think i will have to just install a second DC and that
can be used as a BDC.

If someone can please clarify about the BDC, how it works and how shall i
configure so that if the PDC fails it can still use the BDC. Please guide
some concepts how shall BDC be planned and implemented ?

Thanks in advance