Demoting a domain controller and reusing its name

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Subject: Demoting a domain controller and reusing its name
Posted by:  tnt (t…
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2008


Currently, we have three domain controllers that are  Windows 2003 Ent.
(dc1, dc2, dc3).  All have dns servers running on them. All three servers are
also Global Catalog.

A few months ago, I brought dc3 online so we can one day retire dc1.

Fsmo roles have been transferred from dc1 to dc2.

We are looking to retire dc1 this week and rename the machine  to something
else so we can use its name (we are going to rename dc3 to dc1).

We don't run any type of certificate services on this dc1.  We do have
Terminal Licensing server running on dc1 and need to reinstall on it on dc3
once we rename it.

Here is a quick run of what I am going to do.

1) Unchecked Global Catalog (AD sites and services)

2) demote first dc1 using dcpromo

3) uninstall dns from control panel

4) rename servers using netdom and reboot (dc1 to dc1old, dc3 to dc1)

5) Change IP address of demoted dc1 to something else so I can reclaim for
the new dc1.

6) Reinstall Terminal License Server on the new dc1 and call MS to get CAL

Please advise if I am leaving out anything.

During/after all of these steps, do my other servers, such as exchange, sql,
need to be restarted?

I have run these steps through the test environment and it seems fine.