W2K PDC hardware migration

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Subject: W2K PDC hardware migration
Posted by:  Steve Lil (Steve L…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2008

I have W2K SP4 functioning as a PDC and a simple file server in a single
server environment.
the hardware if failing and i have purchased new server hardware with no OS.
i have done a fresh OS install and loaded sp 4 rollout update and all other
windows updates as of today jan 5 08. I have installed active directory and
chosen the stand alone server option.  I have change the name of the server
but retained the domain name. i only have three clients in this domain so
this should be fairly simple. i have created the same user names and shares
on the new server. my plan is to move over all data via an external hardrive.
load that data to its proper places. then hopefully with minor modifications
turn off the old server and turn on the new serer.

my concern is the thre windows xp pro sp2 clients. will i have to recreate
each client due to an SID conflict? of will this go smoothly?