Setting up Sites for AD

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Subject: Setting up Sites for AD
Posted by:  aja44 (aja…
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008

My company recently opened 2 remote sites and we currently have
point-to-point VPN's running over DSL lines.  We are still waiting for a
decision on the T1's so we have been reluctant to setup sites.  But pressure
is coming from the users in the offices that they need access to files on the
servers in HQ.  My questions are these:

1.  From experience, can I setup a DC in each site and configure Site Links
over a DSL line and not have it crash or crawl?

2.  We are only talking about 10 max users and computers in each office at
this time, does it make more sense to just join those computers to the domain
over the DSL VPN and leave it.  I will be running a couple of logon scripts
for local resources and FolderRedirction to local File server.