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Subject: installation method
Posted by:  J (nobo…
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008

I have a small and aging NT network (35 users, 45 boxes) that needs brought
up to Active Directory.  I've purchase a bunch of equipment that will be
replacing all the current server equipment: new boxes will run the domain
controllers, dns server, dhcp server, exchange server, sql server, file and
print services.

To keep things simple, I want to install from scratch Active Directory,
Exchange, Sql Server, etc. on the new boxes while the existing NT domain
remains untouched -- as if it doesn't currently exist.  Then after testing
the new network, migrate over the data.  Migrating the data will be moving
manually moving over Sql server data, moving over file server files, and
some special Exchange stuff.  Because Exchange is currently version 5.5 and
there is no built-in direct migration, I've decided to export the existing
mailboxes to .pst files and then import them into the new Exchange server

Any flaws in my plan?  Will the new Active Directory be able to completely
ignore the existing NT domain?