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Subject: Re: want to join DC to and existing Domain
Posted by:  Paul Bergson [MVP-DS] (
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008

In order to move a DC from one domain to another you have to first demote it
from the current domain.  There is no way you can just up and move it, but
if you do this and there are no other dc's in the domain you are removing
from that domain then goes away, along with all the AD objects associated
with it.  Which means all users in domain a would lose access to all

What you may want to consider first is if you want to migrate all current
users of A over to B prior to the demotion of the dc.

Link below on migration of AD

ADMT tool

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"andrew" <andr…> wrote in message
> Hi All
> I have two domain in tow office. And the domain is in mixed mode with
> windows 2003 enterprise.
> Scenerio        DC 1(DomainA)        DC 2(DomainB)
> DC1(DomainA): Has Acitve Directory, DNS and DHCP
> DC2(DomainB): Has Active Directory, DNS and DHCP
> I want to change DC1 to and join domian B. I was wondering if anyone could
> help me with this and also provide a link on reference.
> Thanks in advance



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