Delegating Administrative Control

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Subject: Delegating Administrative Control
Posted by:  supersonic oasis (supersonicoas…
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008

Hi all,

I work for a school corporation and I have some questions about delegating
administrative control to different IT groups at different schools.  We are
using windows 2003.  At the moment the AD domain only exists at one school.
We would like to use AD at a few more schools, and we would like to use the
same domain for all schools.

I know about making OUs within the directory and delegating control that
way.  However, what about allowing them to add new machines to the domain?
Is there a way for the IT guys at the separate schools to add new machines to
the domain, and maybe move those machines to the OUs within the directory
that they have control of, without giving them admin access to any of the
Domain Controllers?