Distributing (msi3.1) MS installer 3.1 with GPO or login script?

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Subject: Distributing (msi3.1) MS installer 3.1 with GPO or login script?
Posted by:  Synony…@gmail.com
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008

Hello out there in Microsoft Land.

im trying to manage around 200-300 workstations / Servers. and have
desided to use Microsoft System Center Essentials to do this.

Before i can Install MSCE i have to upgrade all my clients to MSI 3.1.

i would like to do this via the GPO or our login script, but i cant
seem to find a actualy msi3.1 package that is in the .msi format (gpo
requires the install file to be .msi)
Iv considered creating a manual msi package from the .exe file, but
there is both 2000 and XP machines in the network and im not sure the
package then will be functional on both types of machine (if i make
the msi package myself)

The other solution would be installing the msi3.1 via our logon
script, but im still not sure if this would work, becouse i dont know
how to run the msi3.1 installations package silent.
.iknow how to do it, if the executable file is in the .msi format, but
with .exe files im kinda lost.

Best wishes.