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Subject: Domain Rename
Posted by:  Ldoodle (Ldood…
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008


We have a network split across 2 sites, with a 2Mb SDSL link connecting the
2. There a 2 domain controllers, 1 at each site. The domain name is currently (nothing to do with me!!). There is also an Exchange 2000 server
which is due to be decommissioned and replaced with a new Exchange 2007

Let's call DC 1 which is located at Site A and DC 2 will be which is located at Site B.

I would like to add a new domain controller with the domain name I would then like to make the current domain controllers
child domains of, making them and

Firstly, is this possible to do with the Domain Rename tool and without
rebuilding the dc's.

Secondly, as we currently have an Exchange 2000 server (which the domain
rename tool doesn't work with), what is the best way to remove this Exchange
server from the domain first, allowing me to domain rename (I will ExMerge
the mailboxes to PST files then ExMerge them back to Exchange 2007)

Thanks very, very much/...