group policy problem (I think)

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Subject: group policy problem (I think)
Posted by:  GaryStory (GarySto…
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008

I will try to make this short and hope I have the right area.
We run a vb script from group policy login adding printers and drive
mappings and it works like it is supposed to. The problem is we point our
login to one dc in the domain, that server crashed and we had to go in and
change the gp's for each room to another server before it would run the
scripts. I do not want a repeat if the server goes down again so I tried to
point the scripts to the domain and let it find any server available. When
the computers login a message comes up saying running scripts can be
dangerous do you want to continue? If we say yes it runs ok but we have
students that say no sometimes. How can I stop the message and let it
complete running the script and login.