AD GPO folder redirection not working... help!

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Subject: AD GPO folder redirection not working... help!
Posted by:  Ken Montgomery (KenMontgome…
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008

Hi Everyone,

Our folder redirection in GPO quit working.  So I am trying to troubleshoot.
To start with, let me explain my environment.  I have 2 Windows Server 2003
DC's, both are Global Catalog servers.  In my environment there are also two
Windows 2000 DC's, both were previously GC servers but are no longer
according to AD Sites and Services.

I have previously had folder redirection working as expected, but recently
it has stopped working, timing is unsure but seems to be around the time the
Server 2003 DC's were added and promoted to GC servers.

To test my problem out, I created a new OU at the top level, with no other
OU's having precedence over it.  It is setup with three policies, redirect
the Desktop folder, remove the Recycle Bin from desktop and set the
background (so I know it takes effect).  The background and recycle bin
policies are taking effect, the folder redirection is not.

When the gp didn't create the folder in the share automatically, i created
one manually, still the desktop doesn't redirect.

The gpresult command shows that group policy is coming from the appropriate
server, that the appropriate policy is being applied.

GPresult /v shows

Folder Redirection