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Subject: Sites & Services Question
Posted by:  Stevet (Stev…
Date: Fri, 16 May 2008

Hi All,

Can someone please give me a good explaination (or link to) of sites &
services and replication?  More specifically, as I understand there are
different techniques or methods by which sysvol (NTFRS or DFS with R2) and AD
(KCC) is replicated??

For example what's the difference between the IP (or SMTP) Inter Site
Transport Link (Costs & Replication Interval) and the NTDS site replication

I hope that sort of makes sense.  Whenever I search for Sites & Services
info I only seem to find explainations on subnets which I understand.  I've
also asked quite a few people who despite being "aware" of S&S they don't
fully understand what it does.

Thanks in advance,