GPO not implemented, possible corrupt local profile?

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Subject: GPO not implemented, possible corrupt local profile?
Posted by:  Ken Montgomery (KenMontgome…
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008

So I fixed my permission issue for folder redirection and it works fine, on
my test units.  My deployed computers that use a group policy to do folder
redirection still do not appear to work correctly.  Using gpresult shows the
policy is not being applied, even after a forced update.

But... if I delete the local stored copy of the profile on a workstation,
then log in again after I am sure the network has connected, it seems to be

So I believe my question is, with a large number of these workstations to
straighten out, is there a way to do this easily?  It appears the local
stored copy of the GPO and profile are not being updated as they should, that
they have possibly corrupted and have to be removed manually... is there an
easy way to accomplish this that won't be as time consuming as hands on for
each of them?

Anyone else experiencing problems similar to this?

Environment:  Windows 2003 Servers, Windows 2000 Servers, 5 DC's, mixed
environment in DC's.  Clients are Windows XP SP2, using GPO to do folder
redirection for desktop to controlled folders.  Permissions for folder are
wide open to client and domain users, etc.  Clients are Dell workstations,
various models.

Any suggestions appreciated...