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Subject: Forestprep
Posted by:  Dan DeCoursey (DanDeCours…
Date: Wed, 21 May 2008


I have a server 2000 domain. I am trying to place a Blackberry Enterprise
server in my domain...although the Exchange server lives in a different

One of the requirements to install BES is that you have to install the
Exchange Server Managment tools on the BES Server.

During the install of the EXchange tools I  am notified that I should have
run forestprep. I guess just installing the MGMT tools is looked at as the
same as installing Exchange itself........

My question is    does or would running forest prep on my windows 2000
active directory.....doesthis change anyhting  from the user point of
view......does it or can it change how users login or anyhting ...or does it
just run and expand the schema  and is transaprent  to the users ?  I hate
to run it in order to make the Exchange Server Mgmt tools install tgo
smoothly and then find a list of problems that effect how my domain is runnig