Steps For Upgrading From NT4

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Subject: Steps For Upgrading From NT4
Posted by:  Tom M (To…
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008

I am trying to resolve a couple of questions about upgrading from a single
NT4 domain to an single 2003 AD domain. I currently have an small single NT4
domain with a PDC and a BDC. Neither of these are easily upgradable to 2003.
I have a 2003 member server that was deployed last year and a new 2003 server
sitting in a box yet to be deployed.

My plan is to use a temporary NT4 server to upgrade to 2003 AD. I need to
setup a new DHCP server as my current BDC is fulfilling that role. I also
obviously need a DNS server. Both of my new servers are going to be domain
controllers. So, this is my plan:

1. Deploy the server in the box as a member server, install DHCP and DNS.
2. Shut down my NT4 BDC and save it as a rollback server. This is currently
my DHCP and WINS server.
3. Upgrade my temporary server from NT4 to 2003 and upgrade the domain to
interim 2003 AD.
4. Promote the new member server to a domain controller.
5. Promote the older 2003 member server to a domain controller.
6. Shut down the temporary server.

Is there information that would be on the temporary server that I would need
to move to the new domain controller before shutting it down?
Can I setup DNS on a 2003 member server and have that become the AD DNS
server when I do the upgrade?
Is there another way to do this that makes more sense?

Tom M