Offline files and folder redirection on mixed mode AD

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Subject: Offline files and folder redirection on mixed mode AD
Posted by:  kapibarra (..@piba.rra)
Date: Thu, 29 May 2008

Hello.  I've been charged with finding an automated backup system for
our desktops and laptops on the network.  I'm thinking that offline
files used with folder redirection could be a possibility for us.  I'm
wondering how that might work in our network environment (right now we
are running mixed mode 2000/2003 AD).

I'm also wondering specifically what folder redirection does and when it
does it.  I've googled but not come up with any clear answer.  What I
mean is that when I google (for example) offline folders, I can find any
number of articles telling me "when you shut down your PC on the
network, offline files will sync if you choose that setting.  It will do
the same when you dock and boot up on the network again."  All I can
find for folder redirection is that it 'redirects' your chosen folder(s)
to the share you specify.  I can't find more details in terms of when it
does that, or how often it does that.  I have both desktops and laptops
to secure backups for and they will have different needs, like laptops
dock and undock all the time, sometimes go to different offices on the
same network.  Desktops will always be in the same place on the network,
but what if the network goes down, or they throw a NIC?  This is the
desktop scenario.

I'm also wondering how well offline folders and folder redirection work
in tandem?  Are they aware of each other and working together, or are
they 2 separate features working independently?

Is this recommended to occur only on a LAN, or would over a WAN be OK if
not concerned about speed?

Client machines are all running either Vista Business RTM or XP sp2 with
all critical updates.

Any informative links are also welcome.  Thanks for any help.