Corrupted Public Folders Tree Active Directory attribute

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Subject: Corrupted Public Folders Tree Active Directory attribute
Posted by:  Jakub Nowakowski (JakubNowakows…
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2008

We have Microsoft Windows 2003 SBS with Exchange 2003 installed.
Everything works O.K. but we planned to deploy Company Contacts using Public
Folders. We examined the Exchange Server and Active Directory using ADSIEDIT
and we found that there is a corrupted entry which prevents Public Folders
We found that Class attribute is missing for the CN=Public
Folders,CN=Folders Hierarchies,CN=first administrative
group,CN=Administrative Groups,CN=...
Instead of msExchPFTree we can see a blank field. We cannot move or delete
this object. We can reinstall the MS Exchange Server, but we affraid that
this object would not be removed and this problem will be the same. Of course
the best idea is to change this attribute. But how to do this?!