AD2008 Root privileges required to promote child DC?

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Subject: AD2008 Root privileges required to promote child DC?
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Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008


I am upgrading our forest from 2000 to 2008.  It appears that in 2008 adding
the DC into the delegated zones is now mandatory, and that seems to be a
reasonable change due to the fact that this step can be otherwise
overlooked.  However, this may present a problem in practice though, because
child domain admins don't have rights to update the root DNS zone.  Is this
a "feature" that I will have to work around, i.e. not installing DNS until
the DCpromo is complete then asking the root admin to manually update the
delegated zone?  I guess I should add that I am of the opinion that it
should not be required that a root admin have to be involved in any part of
a child domain DCpromo.  Anyway, since it's not on Google (yet) below is the

Update DNS Delegation

Access is denied.

To ensure that this domain controller can be found by other computers on the
network, you must create a DNS delegation in the parent zone for this domain
(  Please enter alternate credentials to create this delegation.