Looking for sample user data for bulk import

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Subject: Looking for sample user data for bulk import
Posted by:  Jason C (jas…@NOSPAM.clishe.com)
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008


I'm trying to find a way to generate several thousand user accounts in
AD, complete with address, phone number, and various other attributes,
for my lab environment.

Does anyone know if there is a csv file available somewhere that's
pre-populated with sample users and user attributes?

I found a random name generator online that exported to CSV, but it
wasn't a full functional trial, you have to pay $20 and I don't want
to buy anything for this one-time bulk import.

Let me be clear....I am NOT looking for instructions on how to bulk
import data into AD. What I am looking for, is the data to import for
a lab environment.