Re: can't access logon script using UNC path

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Subject: Re: can't access logon script using UNC path
Posted by:  Meinolf Weber (meiw…
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2008

Hello Brandon,

Please post the path you are using.

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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> I have a logon script defined in a group policy. It runs fine when I
> log on to computers in the domain however, if I try to open the script
> or run it from explorer by using GPO Mgmt snap-in to open the folder
> it is in, I'm told that I either don't have the rights to access it or
> run it. Why would it run just fine as my account during the logon
> sequence but yet I can't even open the file (let alone run it) by
> opening the folder it is in using Windows Explorer after I've logged
> in? No errors were logged pertaining to trying to access the script
> file. This is insane.
> thanks


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can't access logon script using UNC path posted by Brandon McCombs on Sun, 03 Aug 2008