Logon and Replication Traffic Analisys

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Subject: Logon and Replication Traffic Analisys
Posted by:  FB (…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2008

I´m doing some tests in my environment with 2 Sites connected by a 2 Mb/s
WAN Link and 250 users in Site1 and 350 Users in Site2

I´m doing some analisys and, in my environemnt, a Logon consumes aprox.
100Kb (KBit) of traffic with a average rate o 5-6 KB/s (KByte) and the AD
Replication Traffic uses a 15-Minutes interval, 24H/Day and each replication
connection consumes 15-22 KB/s in 7:00 AM-18:00 period and 12-14 KB/s in
non-work hours (Measurement made by Perfmon, Bytes/Sec After compression

I´m beggining a "SIngle Sign On" Project to consolidate various Forest
structures in 50 locations with 10, 30, 40 users and 6 of then with more than
100 users each in a Big AD Forest with 2.400 users and 2500 PCs

I´m tryingo to understand wich option is better.  More DCs to service Logon
Requests "onsite" (more replication traffic and less Logon Traffic ) or Less
DCs centralizing Logon, avoinding Replication Traffic (More Logon Traffic and
less Replication Traffic)

Some locations have full time admins (probably i´ll use Child-Domains) and
som locations have 128 Kb/s leased/MPLS WAN

There somthing more to consider in the decision?