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Subject: server name change
Posted by:  psanborn (psanbo…
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2008

Good Day,

We have a client that is in need of a server name change on their domain.
what is happening is that one of their current DC's is also a file server
with user home directories and profiles.  the goal is to build up a new DC,
transfer the FSMO roles and then demote that server to just a member server
for just the File server role.  The client woudl like to rename the server
after this, but all the users have their information pointed to that name.
My experience tells me that the name change should follow suit and change the
pointed path to the new name and all should be good, but we need to be
certain for there are 1100+ users that have information being redirected.
Can someone verify that indeed if the server name is changed that it will
also change it in AD for the user information paths?  thank you in advance
for any replies.