Secondary DNS and DC caused networking problems..

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Subject: Secondary DNS and DC caused networking problems..
Posted by:  averied (averi…
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2008


Our organization had untill yesterday just one server acting as a DNS and
DC.. Now we decided to get a new server and configure it as secondary server
for this services..

So I installed Windows Server 2003 sp2. Then I installed DNS and configured
it as a secondary DNS server, so it replicated the data from the first DNS
server succesfully...

Next I ran DCPROMO on this machine, and selected the options to  make the
server a secondary DC of the existing domain.

Since then, some user started having networking problems.. for example when
trying to access the Intranet, they wer asked for user credentials.. When
running our ERP app which is based on AD authentication they were getting
connection failure and things like that... This morning all our users started
having this problems..

Only when I shut down the secondary server, all services started working

Any ideas what can be happening here??