Granting user right to add workstations to domain?

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Subject: Granting user right to add workstations to domain?
Posted by:  mark (
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2008

I have a helpdesk technician who needs to be able to add new workstations to
the domain.  This person does not need domain admin rights, only this
particular right.  I'm trying to make sure that he can do this without any
trouble, so I'm looking for advice on best practices?  I see that I can add
him here:

Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local
Policies\User Rights Assignment

Is this the best method though?  I've been reading the specifics of this in
the "Explain This Setting" tab and it's a little murky...  Apparently,
Authenticated Users can add up to 10 workstations already?  Didn't realize
that, but what gets me is part about who is owner of the account once it's

Anyway, can somebody explain this to me, or maybe give me another