Active Directory upgrade from W2000 to W2003

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Subject: Active Directory upgrade from W2000 to W2003
Posted by:  Yann Sanchez (YannSanch…
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008

I am currently running all my DC with W2000. I want to replace them by new
servers running W2003 and therefore need to upgrade my AD to W2003.
According to a book and articles I read until now, it seems I have 2
solutions to upgrade my AD:
1) In place upgrade : upgrade my current DC which holds FSMO roles and is
currently running W2000 to W2003, but this is not the best for me as I want
to replace my old servers
2) Clean and Pristine migration : create a new domain on a new W2003 server
and migrate my resources : a lot of work

I was wondering is the following procedure wouldn't upgrade my AD to W2003
Introduce a new W2003 member server in the domain, run W2003 forest prep and
domain prep, promote the new W2003 server as DC, move the FSMO roles to this
new server.
Will the result be different from in place upgrade?

Thank you for your help