Domain Controller Slow to boot (Applying Computer Settings)

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Subject: Domain Controller Slow to boot (Applying Computer Settings)
Posted by:  bg_27 (bg_27.3e2f…
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008


I have 2 Domain Controllers (Windows Server 2008 Enterprise) both are
also running DNS (AD integrated).

When I boot both servers up at the same time (or boot a single server),
they stay at "Applying Computer Settings" for about 5 mins. I have read
various things mentioning DNS client settings. If I boot 1 AD server, it
will hang at this point as well, then I boot the second AD server it
boots normally.

My DNS client settings on each server are:

Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS: (AD02)

Preferred DNS:
Alternate DNS: (AD01)

Is there anything I am missing? Is this normal behavior for 2 domain
controllers? This is causing a problem with my 2008 cluster, which the
cluster name will not come online, I think this problem is related to
the slow booting of DNS/AD.

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