DC/site placement question

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Subject: DC/site placement question
Posted by:  BH337 (BH3…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008

We have a single domain with 4 domain controllers located in the same site.
We have many buildings (each with different subnets) connected by a fiber
ring.  The Furthest of these buildings is approximately 20 miles away.  We
are planning on placing 4 additional domain controllers at 4 different remote
buildings to help facilitate AD duties.

I am looking at two options.

Option 1:  Add these 4 domain controllers to the existing site.  Rely on the
normal log in process to determine which domain controller is closest.  My
understanding is that a client will look to DNS for the DC service records,
send out a request, and use the first one that responds.

Option 2: Create 4 new sites for the remote locations and configure specific
subnets to use these DC’s.  Configure Intersite replication to accommodate
the fast link of the fiber.

If Option 2, how would clients respond on that site if the single DC were to
go down?

Thanks for any responses.