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Subject: Catalog Corruption
Posted by:  RG (…
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008

I am running active directory on win2003 server.  On another win2003 server,
which was a member of a member of this active directory, I ran exchange 2007.
Without uninstalling exchange 2007, I did a fresh install of windows 2008
and joined it to the domain.

Needless to say, I ran into problems trying to install exchange 2007.
Eventually, I cleaned out all the references to the exchange server.  The
allowed me to install exchange 2007.  However,  the domain user accounts were
screwed up as they were configured for the old database.  After recreating
the users, this problem was resolved.  Lastly, when trying to configure
outlook profile, I get bookmark invalid error.

At this point, I am thinking of a) uninstalling exchange server b) remove
it's domain membership c) demote active directory machine to standalone and
then promoting back to active directory d) adding the win 2008 server to this
AD e)installing Exchange 2007.

Are there any issues with the above plan?  After I demote AD box, will there
be stuff left behind and be reused when I promote it?

Thanks in advance