dual boot system and domain problem

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Subject: dual boot system and domain problem
Posted by:  gonzo (gonzo@muppetshow.org.invalid)
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008

hello, I have Windows XP installed on my laptop. it joined domain some
time ago and worked fine. yesterday I made trial installation of windows
2003 and went to my network administrator to join that system into the
same domain. ok, no problem, worked fine too. now here comes the
problem. when I restarted the system and wanted to work with previous
installation of Windows XP I was unable to login into domain account. so
I went to my administrator again and for windows xp he deleted the
domain, and set it up again. result: I could login into domain when in
XP system. now I rebooted computer again and wanted to login into domain
with freshly installed and set up windows 2003. surprise, could not
login into domain account...

both systems have the same computer name. I am not a man of much
knowledge about Active Directory domains and computer stuff, but I
suppose this could be the problem with some unique ID assigned to
machines with the same name which are then "registered" into particular

I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestion what should be done to
have dual boot system "registerd" in the same domain. will having these
two systems with different computer names help or more activity is needed?