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Subject: Journaling
Posted by:  Dan (D…
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008

  I have the following scenario:
2K3 server with envelope journaling turned on that accepts internet mail.
2k7 server with standard (mailbox) journaling turned on in same org

The issue that I'm seeing is that when mail hits the 2k7 journal mailbox (by
way of the internet and 2k3) that I am using the internet mail is not in
journal format but rather it just looks like a normal piece of mail (i.e. no
attachment, not send by Exchange on behalf of user).  If a piece of mail is
sent from a 2k7 user to another 2k7 user internally all looks good.
Is there some config I must make to retain all enveloping?

Thanks in advance for any help.