Remove a CertServer that is no longer around?

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Subject: Remove a CertServer that is no longer around?
Posted by:  Scott Townsend (scooter133@community.nospam)
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008

So we had a machine belly up and I forgot that it had the Enterprise Root CA
Server on it.

I'm not really sure why we installed it, Maybe for getting SSL to work on a
Web server...

But now the server is not there. I've installed a new Enterprise Root CA on
a WIn2008 Server.

Seems like all the Workstations and PC had a Cert Automatically Issued to it
from the Old Cert Server.

How can I remove those old Certs, do I need to?
How can I remove the old CA from AD
What is the procedure for making the new CA server the one that issues certs
to the workstations? Does this only happen when they Join the Domain?