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Subject: Re: Tracking "lost" Object In Active Directory
Posted by:  Meinolf Weber (meiw…
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008

Hello newbie007,

For tracking you have to enable auditing in the Default domain controllers
policy or better create your own policy and link it to the Domain controllers

For restoring see here, is not only for user accounts, if you follow the

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Meinolf Weber
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> Hi
> Somehow a computer (server) account was removed from active directory
> which
> meant that the server could no longer log in, although when we
> re-attached
> the server everything was OK I would like to learn from this so....
> I can see the computer in the deleted containter when I examine the
> domain controller :
> 1. Can I find out if the server was manually deleted and if so by who
> from
> where etc..
> 2. Can I see if the server was deleted due it being tombstoned (?)
> Just looking to learn and understand what information is available.
> Thanks


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