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Subject: Re: Log shared folder activity?
Posted by:  Meinolf Weber (meiw…
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008

Hello memon_boys,

You have to enable auditing in a GPO for the servers you need, "audit object
access". Then you have to configure auditing on the folder itself where the
data is stored. Open folder properties, Security tab, advanced and AUditing
tab. Here you can add the accounts/groups for auditing and set the options
you like to audit.

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Meinolf Weber
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> What would be the best way to log data for files in a shared directory
> (and sub-directories) on a server?  The type of information needed
> would
> be something like this:
> - File accessed
> - By whom the file was accessed
> - Date/Time opened
> - Date/Time closed (if possible)
> - Date/Time file saved
> Everything is a must except the date/time the file was closed, as I
> believe that cannot be tracked via the network.  Is there a way to do
> this in Windows Server already, or must we purchase some sort of
> third-party software?  We're looking to go as cheaply as possible.


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