external trust to forest trust

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Subject: external trust to forest trust
Posted by:  Sander (Sand…@discussions.microsoft.com)
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008


I have 2 forests: forest1 and forest2. There is an external trust between
subdomain1.forest1 and subdomain2.forest2. Now we need trusts between other
subdomains and we plan to use a forest trust now.

Question: how to migrate from an external trust to a forest trust?

Both forests are already at the right domain and forest functional level
(2003) DNS conditional forwarding is setup. I have tested in a test
environment: it is not possible to create a forest trust when an external
trust is already in place.

Maybe I am answering my own question now, but is the answer to delete the
external trust and then create the forest trust the way to go?