Granting "Allow" permission to a user in two user groups

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Subject: Granting "Allow" permission to a user in two user groups
Posted by:  snowrider (snowrid…
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008

Say I have a group with users Bob, Alice, Mary, and Joe (in reality we have
about 50).  They each have folders "Bob", "Alice", "Mary, and "Joe" inside of
"Shared".  I want to give everybody access to everybody else's folders, but I
want to deny delete permissions to everyone except the owner.  Because of the
way we set up our network, all four users belong to the "MRI Users" group.  I
tried giving MRI Users all allow permissions except delete, and then added
the person as another entry and granted full permissions.  The problem is
that since Deny permissions take precedence over Allow permissions, and
because Bob belongs to MRI Users, his Allow permission for delete gets
overridden by the Deny permission for MRI Users.  Is there any way around

Thank you,