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Subject: Re: Securing Remote Desktop - Help needed
Posted by:  Paul Bergson (
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2008

I don't fully understand what you are trying to ask.  You state that you
have enabled and disabled access to PC2.

What I am thinking you are trying to ask is you want to prevent PC2 from
being a jump off point to other machines in the domain via RDP.  If that is
the question, then the answer is you can't.  I would strongly urge you to be
very careful in this setup.  It doesn't sound to me like you have a lot of
experience and what you have setup grants anyone who can land on PC2 gains
access to your enterprise.

As Robby the Robot used to say  "Danger, Danger Will Robinson."

Paul Bergson
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"NickNew" <NickNew.3k7f…> wrote in message
> I need help on the following issue:
> PC1 == Internet == PC2 == LAN == Server
> I have enabled PC1 to connect to PC2 via VPN and remote desktop. The
> administrator logon via remote was disabled on PC2.
> Now I want to disable that a user that is logged on via remotedesktop
> on PC2 can open another remotedesktop session and logon to the server. I
> only want to allow users that are logged on locally to connect to the
> server.
> Any help is appreciated. The PCs are running XP and the server 2003
> SBS.
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