VLV searching a subtree

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Subject: VLV searching a subtree
Posted by:  bspenc…@verizon.net
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008

We are trying to use VLV to search a directory of users in an ADAM
(and also LDS), but are hitting all sorts of problems.  Maybe someone
here can offer some help.  We have multiple support incidences in
progress with Microsoft, but no fixes or workarounds yet.

The basic problems are:
- If we set the subtree index bit for an attribute (searchFlags=65)
the following problems can be observer
    . Frequent subtree index corruption on some ADAM instances
    . Adding the search attribute to a user does not cause the user to
be included in the index
    . The total count of users returned from VLV is WAY off (for
example: 19k vs. 48k actual users)

- If we only set the container index (searchFlags=3) VLV works much
better (no corruptions, total user count is accurate, adding the
search attribute to a user causes them to be immediately added to the
index), BUT if the result set is large, then Unavailable Critical
Extension is returned from VLV searches -- probably because
MaxTempTableSize is returned.

It seems like the subtree index does not work well.  We've tried ADAM
and LDS, but both exhibit the same problems.  Are there any
suggestions, or workarounds?  Thanks,  Bill